The exam format

Section I: Identification
30 minutes (worth 20%)
Choose 4 out of 6
Authors who may show up: anyone from Hawthorne to Twain

Section II: Close reading
40 minutes (worth 40%)
Choose 2 out of 4
Authors who will show up: Dickinson, Zitkala-Ša, Norris, Gilman

Section III: Essay
50 minutes (worth 40%)
Choose a text from Column A and a text from Column B, and write one comparative essay
Column A:  3/4 of the longer prose works (Poe, Douglass, Fern, or Twain)
Column B: “Circumstance,” “Bartleby, the Scrivener,” Leaves of Grass

For the whole exam, you won’t need to know Irving and Apess.


PS: Your essays will be left in a box outside Watson 403 later this week, if you care to nab them. I’ll also have them at the exam.



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4 responses to “The exam format

  1. James

    This was probably mentioned already, but where is the exam taking place?


  2. Hi, James,

    There are four essay prompts, and you’ll choose one.


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